Shortbread Recipes please readers!!

Please post me your shortbread recipes readers! Cookies, anything… I’m not going to go with brownies now, back to good old biccies! Quickly quickly please!! X

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My mini meltdown!

As my family members reading this will know, I’m a bit of a cry baby at times, and I just had my first christmas mini-meltdown. Nothing serious, just a moment of tears upon reading a christmas card from my mum, and receiving a package from my adorable nephews! It happens this time of year, because I have my lovely, amazing husband and Irish family here with me, and my wonderful Aussie family is far, far away “down under” along
with my great friends. So while I love this season and all it comes with, I have moments every now and then of homesickness still! I love you my guys, wherever you are in the world xxx

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Brownies Update!

Think they looked better than tasted…flavour was divine but they were too hard, not at all chewy and soft like I hoped! PLEASE forward me biscuit recipes everyone ASAP! Think Im going to go back to the biscuit idea! xx

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Christmas brownies part 2

So I made the first batch of practice brownies, they smell good and look good, but I will wait till M comes home to see if they taste good! The recipe was painful only because I had to grate the most of the chocolate…I tried the food processor but it didn’t work at all! Any ideas on how to grate chocolate easily? Other than that pretty simple to do so fingers crossed they taste as good as they look!

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Smoked Salmon Pate Recipe – As requested!

This great recipe is probably going to replace the traditional Irish christmas day starter of smoked salmon on brown bread…I plan to serve it either with lovely thin slices of pate toast, or fresh brown undecided! It takes less than 5 minutes to make, so even if you dont use it for christmas, try it anyway!

Smoked salmon pate!


  1. 250gm smoked salmon
  2. 100gm cream cheese
  3. 50gm creme fraiche
  4. juice of 1 lemon
  5. sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Place all ingredients into a food processer and mix together till smooth. Serve with pitta bread, crackers or crusty bread.

Recipe from Clodagh Mckenna: “Home made”




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Bing Crosby – what a classic!

My fave christmas song…always puts me in a festive mood, and this year I actually live in a country that might actually stay white for christmas too! x|Bing Crosby, White Christmas

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Home-made Christmas Part 1

Did I mention that I want to be as Martha Stewart as possible this year? I really want to hand make a few things this year, starting with some edible gifts. Last year my little sister made the most delicious shortbread cookies as gifts, and I thought it was a really nice touch, so this year Im going to (attempt) to make Triple chocolate brownies to give to friends and family. baking is so not my strong suit so this will be a large enough challenge in itself! However, I am armed with my trusty brick of a cookbook, “Womens Weekly COOK” so fingers crossed! Am going to have a practice run today so fingers crossed! Will let you know how I go readers!

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