Its over!

So christmas is done with and its NYE. Folks!

So to sum up – christmas was lovely, my hubby M cooked a lovely Turkey and I am so proud of him. I pulled off the famous trifle recipe and felt I did my mum and my nana proud! I loved all the preparations, the decorating, the making of the napkins, the shopping, the eating, the present recieving (and giving!), the visiting…all of it and cant wait to do it all again next time! I also loved blogging about it all and can see myself doing more of the same type of thing as valentines day, easter etc roll around!

I can honestly say I had a lovely christmas and it was all fantastic, but there is always the post christmas slump for me to contend with. I guess that happens for everyone who has looked forward to something, planned for it and carried it off, and then is left with nothing left behind. I guess the only way to handle that slump is to start planning a new challenge of sorts, so thats what Im gonna do. I have enjoyed writing this blog, even if only two or three people actually read it, and have decided to start another one. Much like planning a holiday the minute you get back from a holiday, i am going to start a new blog about me and my life! I have discovered the joys of blogging (yes I know im behind by about ten years!) and I like being able to have a virtual diary of my life. I dont mind people reading about me and what I do, and its actually a bit like online therapy to me! I cant imagine my life is that fascinating to anyone that doesnt know me, but who cares!

So I hope you had a great christmas 2010 filled with everything you wanted it to be filled with! As 2011 rapidly approaches i wish you all the happiness, good luck and love that the world (and I) can offer you and hope you ring in the new year with a smile on your face, and a happy memory in your head.

See you next year – keep reading! xx

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